Online Services

Register with Kerry Agribusiness Online Services to get secure access to the following information :

  • Up-to-date milk collection and laboratory results.

  • Up-to-date trading information.

  • Milk, trading and supply statements.

  • Facility to generate a summary of your financial transactions with Kerry Agribusiness.

  • N.P.K. Reports for Nitrates Directive compliance.

  • Facility to download your financial transactions to Kingswood or Agrinet Farm Accounts Packages.

  • Benchmark comparison to the top milk suppliers in your area.

This online service is being provided to suppliers free of charge. Please click here for instructions on the registration process.

If you have any further queries please contact your Local Area Office.

Step By Step Tutorials:

Online Registration Process

Forward Price Milk Scheme Application Process


Our milk App “MilkedIn” allows milk suppliers easy access to their milk data via their mobile phones or tablet. Suppliers can see all of their current and historical milk collections, tests and financial details.  

The App provides notifications to alert the milk supplier that new quality results are available. 

Key Features of the app:
Home Most recent and current month's collections and test results.
News Feed Information on the latest news and events.
Milk Collections Collections by Period for current year and previous years.
Quality Results Quality results by Period and Test Type.
Solids Total kgs, Butterfat kgs, and Protein kgs, along with statistics based on Cows and Hectares.
Cow Testing Details of any individual cow tests.
Financials CPL and Payment Value per period. User can drilldown to the detail relating to that payment.
Comparison Provides user with ability to do a yearly comparison on milk data.
Statements Access to Milk, Trading and Milk Supply statements.

Please click here for guidelines to download and install the App. Download the App from App store (iOS 9 or above) or from Google Play Store (Android 4.4 or above).