Bloom Nutrimin Pre-Calver

Bloom Nutrimin Pre-Calver Minerals cater for all the mineral requirements of the modern dairy cow throughout the dry period.

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Bloom Nutrimin Pre-Calver Minerals supply a unique blend of mineral and vitamin supplementation for the developing foetus and ensure that the cow’s immune system is adequately strengthened to deal with the rigours of the calving and transition period.

It is recommended cows are fed the Pre-Calver mineral once housed to ensure they get the full benefit of the mineral. These benefits include quicker and easier calving, reduced incidence of retained afterbirth and reduced days from calving to first service.

Bloom Nutrimin Pre-Calver Minerals provide:

  • High inclusion of Vitamin E, along with other essential vitamins and amino acids for improved health, immunity, reduced metabolic disorders, e.g. retained placenta and aiding uterine cleansing post calving.
  • High inclusion level of magnesium and phosphorous.
  • Immunity booster.
  • Improved stress resistance.