"Our Quality Mission is to promote a quality focus along our value-chain and to consistently outperform both customer and regulatory milk quality requirements."

Milk Quality is at the heart of Kerry Agribusiness and has been the foundation on which our business has grown and developed over the years. Ensuring the quality of our milk is a team effort that begins with the buy-in of our loyal milk supplier base and flows through the business from our grass-based dairy farms to the quality product we deliver to our customers.

At Kerry Agribusiness we strategically leverage all aspects of our business to underpin and promote the realisation of our Quality Mission. We carefully monitor each segment of our value-chain and endeavour to provide the resources necessary to support quality related development on our farms and throughout our business.

We review and utilise customer feedback to continuously improve our Quality Value-Chain. Using market input in this manner ensures that our quality function evolves and is always in the best position to address new and more demanding customer quality requirements.