Milk Assembly

"Our tanker operators undergo regular training on all aspects of quality control from milk grading and sampling to cold-chain maintenance and traceability."
Quality Tanker.png

Kerry Agribusiness operates a fleet of modern, high performance milk tankers, ensuring that milk is assembled in an efficient, traceable and hygienic manner. Milk tanker hygiene is of critical importance to our quality value-chain. Our fleet is subject to continuous hygiene monitoring with strict Cleaning in Place (CIP) protocols. All critical tanker operations are electronically monitored and reported to our central computer system for quality analysis and prompt corrective action where necessary. Our tankers are GPS capable and automatically assign supplier identities and relevant collection details once our tankers arrive at the farmyard.

All milk consignments offered for collection are subject to a primary quality assessment undertaken by the milk tanker operator prior to commencement of the collection process. The milk is then automatically temperature checked and sampled during the collection process for subsequent quality analysis at our laboratory. Supplier samples are identified with unique barcodes to ensure that both tanker and individual supplier quality results are traceable to the point of origin.