Focus On Profit Programme

Mission Statement:

“We will empower our client farmers with up-to-date technical advice, financial expertise to set and achieve financial goals, provide a blueprint for profitable and environmentally sustainable farming and ensure an enhanced quality of life”


The joint Kerry Agribusiness/ Teagasc “Focus on Profit” Programme focuses on improving the technical and financial performance of dairy farms in the Kerry Agribusiness catchment area. Consistent with the mission statement, the programme aims to provide Kerry Agribusiness milk suppliers with tools to increase farm profit by focusing on sustainable improvements in farm productivity.

The Kerry Agribusiness/Teagasc “Focus on Profit” Programme is structured as follows:

  • Monitor Farm Programme comprising 10 Monitor Farms and 5 Heavy Soils Farms.

  • Discussion Group Programme with 40 Discussion Groups.

  • Monitoring of grass growth across the Kerry Agribusiness catchment.

  • Targeted campaigns on grazing management, soil fertility, milk quality and farm systems.

  • Farm Info-Zone events to enhance programme participation among all suppliers.

All Kerry Agribusiness milk suppliers can participate in a range of meetings, farm walks and workshops throughout the catchment.

Review and Improvement of Farm Infrastructure on Milking Platform in Castleisland


Heavy Soils Monitor farmer John O' Sullivan, Castleisland, Co. Kerry,  is  currently  revisiting the  roads,  water  and  paddock infrastructure on his milking platform. As cow numbers  have grown and soil fertility  has improved over the  last few years, John has noticed a number of issues on his farm. Damage around gaps and getting cows to  drier  areas of  the  farm  has proven problematic  and at  times  impossible.  This has culminated  in cows missing grazing opportunities in the shoulders of the year and increasing workload.

John has used all the tricks such as strip wires to allow cows to the  back of the  paddock , 2-3 hour on/ off grazing etc. Having assessed the farm he found that just 16 ha (40 acres) of the farm was within 50 meters of the farm roadways and not all of this area was "go-to ground " in difficult conditions. Many paddocks on the farm were 150 to 220 meters deep (from roadway to back of paddock) often with a wet area in the middle and dry area at the back .

John has decided to put in a new farm road, 600 meters in length to give improved access to this drier ground along with 600 metres of spur roadways into a leased part of the milking platform - increasing the area of the farm that can be accessed within 50 metres of farm roads to 32ha. The new road and spur roadways will link in with the existing farm roads giving increased access to the drier areas of the farm throughout the year.

Monitor Farm Grass Measurement and Milk Data