Located in the south-west of Ireland, Kerry Agribusiness milk suppliers enjoy a temperate climate which facilitates outdoor grazing of lush green pastures for up to 300 days a year. Our family farms are low input, grass-based systems, relying on pastureland to provide most of the cows' diet. This extensive system of agriculture results in a more natural, welfare-friendly model of farming which has benefits both in terms of carbon emissions and sequestration. Ireland has the joint-lowest carbon footprint for milk production of all EU member states.

We support sustainability at farm level by focusing on three pillars: sustainable farm management, profit and people. Building on our sustainability credentials is an important focus for us, as it will ensure that our suppliers continue to produce a premium product with a focus on efficiency and carbon footprint.  

Kerry Agribusiness is extremely proud of our dairy heritage and our focus on converting grazed grass into dairy products which can be enjoyed globally.