Bloom Beef Feeds

Bloom Beef Feed is designed for growing and finishing animals, improving feed efficiency, promoting consistent high performance, as well as securing high levels of daily live weight gains either on low protein forages or high-quality silage.

A range of beef diets are available to suit all stages of production. All our feeds are formulated with quality ingredients incorporating high levels of cereals and quality protein sources to provide all the nutrients required for maximum performance.

Bloom Beef Feeds are fortified with high-quality trace elements, minerals and vitamin packages and incorporate well-proven additives to meet all the requirements of growing and finishing beef animals.

Bloom Elite Ultra Beef

Bloom Elite Ultra Beef is long established as the diet of choice by farmers for finishing cattle.

Bloom Elite Ultra Beef contains high levels of quality cereals, making it the highest energy diet available, capable of finishing all type of beef animals.

  • Crude protein 15%, suitable for finishing cattle at grass or on silage.
  • Energy from high-quality cereals providing a balanced levels of starch with digestible fibre to aid rumen fermentation.
  • Will help to boost carcase gain, killout percentage and confirmation score.
  • Designed for all concentrate feeding systems up to ad-lib.
  • Yea-Sacc incorporated to optimise rumen function allowing for better digestion and increased dry matter intake.
  • Fully fortified with high levels of minerals and vitamins for high feeding rates.

Yea-Sacc supports improved feed intake, feed efficiency and growth rate. Yeast inclusion facilitates higher feeding rates by maintaining a healthy rumen.

Bloom Elite High Energy

Bloom Elite High Energy is a highly adaptable diet suitable for all types of cattle including weanlings, store cattle, finishing beef and dry cows.

It is particularly useful for supplementing the diets of housed animals during the winter, where different groups of cattle need to be catered for but it is only practical to use one concentrate.

  • Recommended to use from 6 months of age.
  • High energy and carefully formulated with high cereal content to maximise daily liveweight gain, including digestible fibre for better digestion and increased dry matter intake.
  • It is fully balanced for minerals and vitamins.
  • Yea-Sacc incorporated to optimise rumen function in order to minimise the risk of acidosis.
  • Bloom Elite High Energy is the market leader due to its consistent performance and versatility.

Top Performing Additives

Yea-Sacc gets more nutrients out of forage – helping to stimulate growth of fiber digesting bacteria in the rumen, increasing the rate and extent of forage breakdown

Bloom Prime High Energy

Bloom Prime High Energy is a 16% crude protein beef diet that is suitable for feeding to a wide range of young stock and store cattle. The diet contains high starch and protein levels to compliment forage intake and utilisation.

  • A convenient supplement to grass, hay and silage.
  • Suitable for weanlings, finishers and store cattle.
  • Fully fortified with minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
  • High in energy for finishing cattle.
  • It supplies the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins for young cattle to develop over the winter.